44784b1bae211f671b8df3326a2892beAs my sufferings mounted I soon realized that there were two ways in which I could respond to my situation – either to react with bitterness or seek to transform the suffering into a creative force. I decided to follow the latter course.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.




Hi everyone!  My name is Maria and I guess you could say Design To Live is my passion…more like “home base” to ALL my biggest passions…and the many things that I’ve been both excited, as well as a little nervous, to share with all of you for quite some time! 🙂  It’s my heart, my dream, what I’ve been working on for a few years now…patiently waiting to make the vision in my head a reality.  When I came across the above quote last year, it rang so true to the way I speak about my life, that I thought it was a perfect expression of me and what I’ve continuously tried to do since my story began…transforming suffering into a creative force is what has led to all of this. 

I’ve been so excited to finally get this up and running, but all things got put on hold when I surprised even myself and signed up for a last-minute online course in February! The goal?…That it would help with all the tech stuff and speed up the behind the screen work.  Then I could at last work on posting regular content instead, which is the main purpose of it all!  The course was amazing for resources as things continue, my heart connecting with so many of the links and items shared…but tech wise it was simply more info as well, taking up time I needed to actually put it into action.  I’m sorry that the result has left quite a bit unfinished at the moment, but it also all verified the clarity of my vision and made me realize I can’t wait any longer to take you on the rest of my ride with me. 🙂

I promise this page will be coming soon… A quick timeline like summary of my life and how it has made me who I am.  Being born into a vegetarian, spiritual family and raised with organic foods, juicing, alternative medicine and energy work, back in the early 80’s when this was all new to people…Living in India, starting yoga when I was 8, traveling to several countries and getting to see the world, until settling down at 9 years old and finding my passion for athletics.  A national level athlete by the age of 12, I quit one sport to take part in several that I loved.  With a love for life and all living things in it, I had huge dreams, all of which got put on hold when a surfing accident left me with an injury that changed my life forever.  I became my own guinea pig for alternative therapies and natural medicines…anything I could do to heal myself… mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  And it worked, except for the injury that started it all, that I needed a surgeon for to begin with.  Life is about balance, and without integrating all the areas of medicine you block out the possible cure. 

My story will be here ASAP, to help understand why you can trust the information that I share and you can decide for yourself if things I have learned on my own, practices I’ve created myself for pain, anxiety etc., are things that might help you in your own life.  I’m no teacher, or doctor, but I believe life experience is one of the greatest teachers of all and if my experiences can help anyone, then I can hopefully find a positive purpose to all that I’ve gone through.  And then, forget about health for a second, you may simply like the interior design side and my personal passion for that!… a part of the website concentrating on it alone.  In the meantime, the benefits of all that I’ve been learning now will hopefully make it that much easier to turn Design To Live into all that I’ve wanted it to be… for everyone to find a little extra happiness in their day 🙂 … as it finally comes together. Awesome!!  Thanks for being patient :).

Love to you all ~ xo