One day at a time, I will follow the wisdom of these words 🙂


Not gonna lie, the tears were unavoidable… We didn’t get chosen as one of the semi-finalists … and honestly, it looks like the votes didn’t really make a difference at all! There were several that were chosen that had only 1 or 2 votes and it’s never easy to feel like it’s the project itself that they didn’t like. Although they have their reasons it still hits that spot in your heart that feels like a sad rejection of something that means so much, that we’ve worked so hard on and that I have so much passion for. It’s hard not to feel a little heartbreak, thinking “what did I not do right?” (I’m only human)
But then I remind myself that you never know what they are looking for specifically, from the very beginning, what they consider as beneficial “for the community” vs a project that actually helps far beyond that at the same time.

It was near impossible to paint the full picture in the word limit we had, but even still, while it’s a project that GIVES BACK to the community, it gives back to people outside of the community as well… thus the title.

Perhaps that isn’t what they were looking for, but that is what I am aiming for! It’s going to give to the community, to all the local artists and talents as well as businesses, bringing customers from other areas to share in it as well. It also feeds people’s hearts, to know that a small part of every $ spent will be going towards helping families in need, to feel loved, supported and at home among strangers… possibly someone in that very room sipping an organic latte, listening to live music of the neighbor down the street.

As for the apt.’s, true we only have one to begin with, but everyone has to start somewhere… and the dream is for it to grow into many! It’s all out-of-pocket for us as we continue to get things ready, having had to get moved into our own renovation first, to have a home of our own, so we actually can help make homes for others.  I keep finding myself using the analogy of oxygen masks on an airplane and the need to put your own on first, before you can help with the masks of any others… especially after 11 years of moving between different apt.’s myself.

So I do still need your help, if you don’t mind me asking :), when we do fundraising & who knows what else … and I hope you will continue to follow the progress and dream of all of this, even without the contest involved! I’m keeping this FB page as is, simply changing the part about Ty and the challenge … Team Pittsburgh existed before that came along and I LOVE watching our team grow as we work towards my dream each day.  Though the page Design To Live includes all of this as well as the big picture that it fits into.  Don’t go too far… Maybe this was all about getting me to introduce the project at last???…It’s all how you choose to look at it.

I release the tears and I choose to see that with limited energy I can now put it towards efforts that are guaranteed to help us move forward… super happy that this much has been shared with you! (and it’s only the beginning…)

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